Eleni touches the lives of so many people – from her patrons at work, to fellow moms to those she helps through her countless volunteer projects. How can a busy single mom have such a great impact on so many people? For starters, Eleni oozes positivity, love and light and was gifted with an incredible super strength of facing adversity head on. Since the universe connected me with Eleni, I have become a better friend, wife and mom simply by having her positive vibrations resonate over to me. Whenever I need advice her wisdom and perspective is always spot on, and I find myself handling challenging situations with much more grace, calmness and dignity as I normally would. She’s also a warrior- fights for the causes she believes in, the ones she loves and for happiness- her story is an inspiring one- one we can all learn from. The world is a better place with Eleni in it, plain and simple.

Beth C.