Thought Coaching

Thought Process Coaching…

The Gratitude Adjustment

With the ELNRG Gratitude Adjustment we will assess your current thought processes and how it is affecting your life overall. Are you attracting the life you desire or self sabotaging through toxic thoughts and counter productive actions? How are you viewing your life situations, are you feeling blessed or burdened, grateful or resentful? With thoughts, small changes can make a huge impact on what you are manifesting. There are daily practices that can help you forgive and release resentments and obtain spiritual freedom

You can have the life you desire by focusing on certain aspects of the situation, your wish is truly YOUR command! Change your thoughts and change your life…TODAY!

Included with The Gratitude Adjustment and Thought Process Coaching

$349 a month

  • 1 Hour Evaluation Call
  • Bi-Weekly 30 Minute Calls
  • Thought of the week texts
  • The ELNRG 30-day Gratitude Adjustment System
  • Access to The Gratitude Adjustment Empowerment Group


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